Yamaha Aerox S: Yamaha Aerox S launched with new variant version, know price and features

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In the Indian two-wheeler market, Yamaha Motors has launched a new variant of its popular scooter Aerox, the Aerox Version S (Yamaha Aerox S). The company has added many modern features to it.

Which includes keyless ignition and some other features. The company has launched the new model of this scooter in the market at a price of Rs 1,50,000. In this, you get two color options - silver and racing blue.

Yamaha Aerox S Engine and Powertrain

In Yamaha Aerox S, the company has installed the same 155cc single-cylinder VVA engine as the regular variant. Which produces a maximum power of 15bhp at 8,000rpm and a peak torque of 13.9Nm at 6500rpm. You get a CVT gearbox in it.

The company has installed 14-inch wheels on both the front and rear for better performance. The tyre of its rear wheel is 140-section. This scooter weighs 126 kg and the company offers 25 liters of underseat storage in it.

Advanced Features of Yamaha Aerox S

The company has provided a Smart Key with this scooter. By pressing a button on it, the scooter can be found very easily.

By pressing the button on the key, the indicators of the scooter start blinking and a special sound starts coming from the scooter. There is a knob in place of the key. By turning it, the scooter can be started or stopped. You can also open the fuel tank with this.

The company has also installed immobilizer feature along with smart-key in the S variant of this scooter. With the help of this feature, the scooter gets locked automatically when the smart key goes out of the range of the scooter. Apart from this, you get the same regular features in it which the company has provided in its standard variant .


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