7th Pay Commission: From which month will the calculation of zero DA start! Latest update for central employees

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Mr journalist News, 7th Pay Commission: There has been a recent change in the dearness allowance (DA) of central employees. The central government has increased the dearness allowance by 50% from January 2024. But now it is being calculated. Dearness allowance will be zero (0) from July 2024. 

But the AICPI index will make its figures between January and June. The AICPI number was released in February. Dearness allowance, or mercy allowance, has increased by one percent. Meaning it has become 51%. But the number of February AICPI index has not been given yet. Now the question is whether it has become zero?

The calculation will start from zero.

In the year 2024, the calculation of dearness allowance (DA) of central government employees will change. Employees will get 50% DA from January 1. 

According to the rule, after getting 50 percent dearness allowance, it will be merged in the basic salary and calculated from zero. The Labor Bureau has not said anything about this yet. Meaning, the calculation of dearness allowance will not exceed fifty percent right now. But when will it be zero?

50% DA will be merged in basic salary

In 2016, the government made the dearness allowance (DA) zero while implementing the 7th Pay Commission. According to the rules, dearness allowance will be made zero when it reaches fifty percent. After fifty percent, it will be added to the basic salary, i.e. the minimum salary, given to the employees. 

If the basic salary of an employee is Rs 18 thousand, then he will get 9 thousand rupees of 50 percent DA. But when the DA is fifty percent, it will be added to the basic salary, due to which the dearness allowance will again become zero. This means that the revision of the basic salary will be Rs 27,000.

Why will dearness allowance be 0?

Whenever a new pay scale is implemented, employees get DA, which is added to their basic salary. Experts say that 100 per cent DA of employees should be added to the basic salary, but this does not happen. The financial situation is disturbing. In 2016, however, this was done. 

In the sixth pay scale in 2006, 187 per cent DA was being given till December. The entire part of DA was merged in the basic salary. Therefore the sixth pay scale was 1.87. Then new pay bands and grade pay were also created. Despite this, it took three years to give it.


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