Bihar News: New rules issued for drivers of 15 year old vehicles, this is how re-registration will be done

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Digital Desk- New Delhi: A big update has come for the drivers. Drivers who have 15 year old vehicles are now in for a treat. Now the government has issued orders to strictly check the engine box and other things of 15 year old vehicles. 

Now the drivers who have 15 year old vehicles with manual RC will be re-registered. These vehicles are being driven for a long time, therefore Patna headquarters has started the work of re-registering these vehicles. 

Which vehicles will be re-registered 

Vehicles which are older than 15 years will be re-registered. Along with this, orders have been issued to check vehicles which carry the weight of engine, gearbox etc. This has brought great relief to 500 vehicle owners of the district. DTO Sushil Kumar has said that re-registration of vehicles has started.  

Owners got relief 

After the order of re-registration of vehicles, about five hundred vehicle owners have got relief. Earlier, re-registration of vehicles was banned, due to which vehicles were sent to Patna for re-registration. They were checked there but now re-registration has started again. 

It is mandatory to provide logbook 

Payment will now be made for those vehicles whose logbooks were filed in the cell. The payment process has been expedited. This was done because of the Lok Sabha elections. But 40 percent of vehicle owners had not made the logbook. 

DTO Sushil Kumar told those vehicle owners that you have to give the logbook quickly, only if you give the logbook, the process of making payment will be started quickly. 


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