School Summer Vacation: Children's school holidays will start from this day, Education Department issued orders

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Digital Desk- New Delhi: There are summer holidays every year in different states of India. In the same sequence, this year also a 2-month summer holiday has been announced in Rajasthan before the beginning of the academic session 2024-25 on 17th May. Has been declared a holiday. 

The summer holidays of children's school are about to start in different states, in some states the summer holidays will last for 2 months, the duration of holidays will be different in all the states. Summer vacation has been announced in some states for the 2024-25 academic session. Whose information is being given to you in this article.

As soon as the summer season starts, all the students want to know when the summer holidays will be in their school, so today in the post we will tell when the summer holidays are starting in different states.

The month of April has arrived. The exams are over. A new session is starting in schools. With this, the wait has started for those days for which not only the children but also their parents are excited, the summer vacation. Various states of the country have declared summer holidays in schools.

Summer holidays in Rajasthan from 17th May

Summer holidays within Rajasthan: According to Shivra Panchang, summer vacation in schools has been declared from 17th May to 31st May. Apart from this, the holiday can also be extended in the official information, this is according to Shivra Panchang.

summer holidays in school in bihar

The Education Department of Bihar has announced that the summer holidays in the schools of the state will start from April 15 and will end on May 15, 2024. This time these holidays have been increased by 10 times in the schools of Bihar. Generally these holidays were for 10 days.

Schools will remain closed in Delhi from May 11 to May 30

According to Delhi's school calendar, this year the summer holidays in the capital will start from May 11 and continue till June 30, 2024. This year, school students of Delhi are getting holidays of 19 days in one month.

You can get 40 days leave in UP

You can get 40 days leave in UP. According to the calendar, there will be a holiday in the schools of the state from May 21 to June 30. However, no information regarding summer holidays has been shared by the Education Department yet.


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