Weather Update: Alert of heavy rain and storm for 3 days in these districts of Rajasthan


 Mr Jorunalist News, Rajasthan Weather: Once again a major western disturbance has become active in Rajasthan. Due to which, huge changes are going to be seen in the weather in the coming days in Kota district of Rajasthan. The Meteorological Department has issued a warning regarding this. 

He has said that a red alert for strong storm and rain is in effect for a week. Along with this, the Meteorological Department has predicted a strong storm as well as heavy rain from 10th to 13th April. There is a possibility of only heavy rain on 14th and 15th April. Due to which the maximum temperature will drop by 2 degrees to 3 degrees.

According to meteorological department

The Meteorological Department says that there is a possibility of heavy rain from 10 to 13 April. Also, there is a possibility of rain only on 14th and 15th April. Due to this, the maximum temperature may decrease by two to three degrees Celsius. On Tuesday, Kota city remained cloudy in the morning and evening. 

At 11 in the morning the weather cleared and there was bright sunshine. The hot afternoon breeze has started troubling people. The skin started getting hot from the scorching sun. Children and people coming out on the streets were also seen carrying umbrellas and cloths over their faces for protection. 

There was less movement in the market also. The Meteorological Department said that the highest temperature in Kota was 39.5 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature was 24.5 degrees Celsius, increased by 1 degree.

Jaipur Meteorological Center said that the weather will change from Tuesday due to a circulation system. Its effect will be seen in many cities of the state. 

From April 10, most of the districts of the state will be affected by western disturbance. Due to the influence of easterly wind from Tuesday, there is a possibility of thunderstorm and rain at isolated places in eastern and south-eastern Rajasthan.


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